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Cupitt's Winery

We recently had Karin shoot our winery for some business images we can use  for social media and our website. We were very happy with the results.

Would happily recommend!

Thank you

Libby Cupitt

Portrait Photographer

Marketing Photography

Real Estate Photography

Product Photography


Retouching & Restoration

Photography Teacher

Double BA (Photography, Graphic Design)

I've worked as a professional photographer for nearly ten years now, running my own business, L'escargot Ivre Photography.
I specialise in portraiture and creating images for marketing purposes, however I own a kick arse Nikon and I can shoot anything you put in front of me. 


Whether it's professional headshots, family portraits, or creative expression, I always aim to capture a true aspect of the models personality. 
Shoots are very relaxed, and not at all painful.  They can be anything you want them to be... literally! I have crazy-level editing skills, so if you desire additional magic, your wish is my command.

I shoot businesses with marketing in mind.  I get the sweeping shots, the staff in action, as well as the close-ups of all the little things that make up your unique vibe.  I also consider where these images might end up, so I make sure I get great square images for instagram and facebook, and ones that will work well across websites and as banners.  
I shoot events and individual businesses with the express purpose of showcasing everything that's fabulous about what you have to offer.

Over the years I’ve helped a bunch of people with their short term stays online listings. My help doesn’t end at marketing photography. I’ve helped with brainstorming property names, setting up the Airbnb listings and social media profiles, creating signs, compendiums, information cards, and email marketing campaigns. 
As a photographer, I take images that can be used throughout all kinds of marketing purposes, and I can help instruct you in taking better photos with your phone and using apps to enhance them. I can even edit your photos for you to make them really stand out. 
I help in anyway I can.

You can either send me your stock or arrange for me to come to you.  I can do deep-etching for that white or transparent background catalogue look or style your product in keeping with your vibe. I’ve got the graphic design skills to turn your images into any marketing materials you’d ever need. 
You could also Dropbox me your own photos to photoshop and enhance.
However we go about it, I’m here to help you showcase your hard work in its best possible light. 

Photography Client
Samantha Crocket

Wow wow wow - Karin knows her stuff. Lots of experience, thinks outside the box.  Looking forward to another photo shoot with her again one day soon.

Deep etching is removing the background from an image.  Great for product photography, especially for catalogues. I can do all kinds of things in photoshop. Chat to me about your product photography needs.

Editing images is definitely the area where I shine. There's nothing I love more than getting into post-edit and turning an image from it's raw state into something a little more magical.  
I've had 24+years experience working with photoshop and there is very little that I can't do.
If you need a photo restored or retouched, get in touch.

As a qualified, experienced and passionate teacher who embraces interest based learning, lessons and workshops, for children through to adults, are designed to cater to students’ interest.   Whether that be learning how to use a DSLR camera, how to compose images, posing and styling or editing in photoshop, lightroom or on an iPad, or taking artistic creations to another level entirely.

Photography Client

Unbelievable service, friendly captures the moments brilliantly. I would highly recommend Karin for all photographic work families and individuals a remarkable job from a remarkable person. Affordable

Jackie McGowan

& more

For the past decade, more than anything, I’ve been a portrait photographer doing everything from styled shoots to lifestyle to weddings and corporate headshots. You can check out my arty farty portrait stuff over @thedrunksnail on Instagram and Facebook, or
Nowadays I still love a good portrait session, but what I love more than anything is the editing side of things. I can do all sorts of tricks in Photoshop and Lightroom!! I can come to you, or you can just send me your photos for retouching. I can clean up your skin, remove bags, lift eyelids, plump lips, thicken hair, shave off a few kilos... and anything else you could think of really. I could even give you butterfly wings... if that’s what you’re into. 

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